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Posted by Felix Okoli on Thursday March 1, 2012 9:31:5:

You are going to work and in the bus, you look at the faces of people entering with you in order to see if there is any suspicious person, because you are afraid of a mad suicide bomber. You are going to the market but don't want to wait around to chat with friends or business partners as you are cautious of any abandoned bag. You take your kids to school and on some days, you prefer not to just to increase their chances of survival in a nation that is ridden of bombs. Even people who go to worship God are afraid as they have to put extra security before they pray and worship. Churches and mosques are not left out as you are afraid that Boko haram could attack or other crimes would be committed and easily ascribed to Boko haram, even if it is not always Boko haram.

The fear of Boko haram is in the air and it literally looks like a wild fire spreading from northern Nigeria which could engulf the entire nation if not checked. President Jonathan is trying by being strong willed and not allowing himself to be dismayed but I feel Jonathan or Nigeria's problem is not really Boko haram but the people who are behind it and these could be linked to politicians who felt aggrieved with the last elections and are sponsoring the terrorists to destabilize Nigeria. It is no longer just a political issue as it has now become a security issue and you can imagine what will happen if Niger Delta militants, Biafra loyalists and OPC all start their military campaigns again. We need to stop all these insanity or better still, let's just confederate as Ojukwu once said.

Boko haram has defied our security system and we seem to be living in chaos, in a Nigeria which is turning into something like Somalia or Ethiopia. We seem to be living in a country where they are two governments instead of one. But really, Boko haram will not be able to fight our govt face to face in a battleground as they use secrecy as their survival tactics. Now with the killing of a lot of military men such as in the police and army, Nigeria's security system seems to be taking their jobs seriously and it seems that they are now working on a shoot to kill mission as Boko haram members are hardly arrested nowadays. You can't blame the police, most of them have also being killed by the Boko people. We are living in what is like a civil war, but it is not full blown civil war yet unlike what happened during Biafra

Is Boko Haram Islamic?
Is Boko Haram really an Islamic organization? Well that is what they say they are but they have been bombing innocent people, even Muslims. They are mostly associated with 3 things: Bombs, Secrecy and Mass Murder.

Boko Haram likes
Things Boko haram seem to like
- The media: Newspapers, TV and radio. They like being in front
- Blood and fear: They seem to like seeing people die or live in fear

What can Nigeria do about Boko Haram
We need to pray for Nigeria in distress.
We also need to improve our security capacity by employing more youths into the Nigerian army.
Nigeria needs to spend more money on defence
We need to restructure our borders especially the porous ones in northern Nigeria linked to Chad and Niger.


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